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Baseball 1967-68 Barons

The Original Barons

            This register does not contain much information about the 1968 and 1969 baseball teams.  This is not an intentional slight to these teams.  There simply is very little information known about these teams.  Roger Weimer, head baseball coach at the time, was contacted about scorebooks and statistical information.  He indicated that the information was left at DeKalb High School.  But, no one has been able to locate such information.
What is known about these teams is that the 1968 Barons finished with a record of 6-6.  The 1969 Barons finished 10-5 and won the school’s first sectional baseball title.
Members of the 1968 Barons were:  Jerry Kessler, Dave Swant, Jeff Carper, Jack Jones, Glenn Stonestreet, Jesse Knowles, Rocky Pressler, Kirk Carpenter, Dennis Stonebreaker, Roger Hartman, Greg Davidson, Ron Diehm, Dennis Ford, Val Miller, Steve Seigel, Randy Miller, Mike Klink, Bob Strawser, Lynn Pepple, Gary Mountz, Greg Wisner, Paul DeLucenay, Bruce Beers, Fritz Albright, and Steve Post.
Members of the 1969 Barons were:  Greg Davidson, Randy Franks, Jim Conrad, Randy Miller, Dennis Ford, Kirk Carpenter, Ron Baker, Steve Seigel, Larry Payton, Rocky Pressler, Jerry Kessler, Ron Pitzer, Frank Walter, Tom Duesler, Greg Wisner, Steve Post, Ron Diehm, Mike Klink, Dennis Stonebreaker, and Dennis Kutzner.
You will find statistical information about some of these players if they played on the 1970 squad or beyond.