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Baseball Barons in the Pros

This is a listing of DeKalb Baron baseball players who have been drafted and/or signed by professional baseball clubs.
1973           Cy Voelkel                              Oakland Athletics
                             (drafted and signed out of high school)
1980           Don DeWitt                           New York Yankees
                             (signed while at Ball State University)
1980           Bill Heimach                         San Francisco Giants
                             (signed out of Western Michigan University)
1982           Brad Blevins                         Chicago Cubs
                             (signed out of North Carolina State University and Anderson University)
1982           Dave Peterson                      Oakland Athletics
                             (signed while at Western Michigan University)
1983           Todd Cobbs                            Los Angeles Dodgers
                             (signed out of Vincennes University)
1983           Bob Squires                           Baltimore Orioles
                             (drafted out of high school, but chose to attend Clemson University)
1985           Chris Forrest                         St. Louis Cardinals
                             (signed out of the University of Louisville)
1995           Ken Jones                                San Diego Padres
                             (signed out of Western Michigan University)
1995           Brad Weber                             Pittsburgh Pirates
                             (drafted out of high school, but chose to attend Indiana University)
1996           Brad Weber                             Tampa Bay Devil Rays
                             (signed out of Indiana University)
1997           Jeremy Sassanella                 Detroit Tigers
                             (signed out of high school)
2001           Justin Sassanella                  New York Mets
                             (signed out of high school)
2004           Jarrett Grube                        Colorado Rockies

(signed out of Vincennes University and the University of Memphis)