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Boys Basketball Core Values

DeKalb Baron Basketball

“Our Coaches are committed to inspire, develop and assist in every aspect of our student athlete’s lives”



1.      Be Responsible

*       We adhere to the rules and regulations of the school and basketball program

*       We do the right thing when no one is watching

*       We lead by setting a positive example

*       We strive to get the most out of every opportunity

*       We display loyalty to coaches, players and the program


2.      Always Respect

*       We will not lie, cheat or steal

*       We will respect teachers, coaches, and others in positions of authority.

*       We will respect our tradition and our values


3.      Right Priorities

                In rank order, we are committed to:

*       Spirituality

*       Family

*       Health

*       Academics

*       Basketball


        4.      Others First

*       We accept our role on our team and we perform that role to the best of our abilities

*       We sacrifice personal glory for the sake of the team

*       We help our teammates succeed on and off the floor

*       We embrace the success of our teammates individual accomplishments

*       We will serve each other and our community


5.      Non-Stop Effort

                We will give extraordinary effort by:

*       Always being on time

*       Persevering through difficult times

*       Never quitting

*       Bringing positive energy to the team everyday

*       Competing every second of every day


6.      Stay Tough

                We will be mentally and physically tough by:

*       Demonstrating discipline in all facets of life

*       Understanding goals and a plan of action to reach those goals

*       Focusing on the task at hand

*       Comprehending that confidence is continually, successfully completing the task

*       We have ability to regain control following unexpected events (poise)