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Football Weight Training and Conditioning Awards

The high school program will consist of a three day a week program.  During the winter months we will workout after school on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays until 5:30 pm.  We will also include a skill day on Friday mornings at 6:30 a.m.  During the spring months we will workout before school on Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays starting at 6:15 am.  Our focus is on improving each athlete in their speed, quickness,  and strength to help them become the best athletes possible.  We will also include a skill day on Thursday after school until 5:15 p.m.  During the summer months we will be a part of the DeKalb High School All Sport Conditioning Program.  We will work-out Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. during the month of June.  During the month of July we will condition/train on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. (We will include days of practice (skill training) through out the summer, check the calendar for a list of dates.
The Baron Football Program will encourgage our athletes to compete and strive to improve throughout the entire year.  Competing in a school sponsored sport takes first preference.  The Baron Football Program supports all DeKalb High School athletic teams.  We are all Barons and want to be successful in every sport.  If one of our football players is in another sport during the winter or spring we know they will be pushed and motivated to excell.   If they develop that competitiveness in other sports we know they will bring that competitiveness to the football field.
If our football players are not in a winter or spring sport they will then need to dedicate themselves to competing and improving themselves in our off-season weight training and conditioning program.
To reward our athletes for their dedication outside of football we have several ways to do this.
1. 80% Club--For good attendance, 80% or better, in the weight room they will receive a T-shirt and a helmet sticker to place on their helmets during the football season.  They have a chance to earn these during our winter, spring and summer weight programs.
2.  If one of our football players are in a winter or spring sport they will receive a helmet sticker to indicate their dedication to compete outside of football.
3.  Football players will have the ability to earn a T-shirt that indicates their level of strength.  The Baron Football Program has "Weight Clubs" of 700 lbs, 800 lbs, 900 lbs and 1000 lbs.  The pound clubs consist of adding up the 1 rep maximums in the bench press, parallel squat and the hang clean.  We consider these the "Big Three"! 
The middle school program will consist of weight training and conditioning 2 days a week during the winter,spring and summer months.  (See the Middle School Football section for more information)


NameYearJanuaryFebruaryMarchCompiled PresentCompiled ExpectedCompiled AttendanceT-ShirtSticker
Clark, Matt2013100%100%100%3737100.0%XX
Cochran, Evan2013100%100%100%3737100.0%XX
Baker, Mason2015100%100%100%3737100.0%XX
Buttermore, Cameron2015100%100%100%3737100.0%X
Williams, Logan2015100%100%100%3737100.0%XX
Davis, Alex2013100%100%90%363797.3%XX
Allen, Logan201593%100%100%363797.3%XX
Cagle, Dylan2013100%100%80%353794.6%X
Frederick, Anthony2013100%92%90%353794.6%XX
Knick, Kenneth2013100%92%90%353794.6%XX
Schilling, Logan2013100%85%100%353794.6%X
Smaltz, Henry2013100%85%100%353794.6%X
Sattison, Nick2014100%85%100%353794.6%X
Garcia, Zac2015100%85%100%353794.6%XX
Baker, Spencer2013100%77%100%343791.9%XX
Smith, Corey2013100%85%90%343791.9%XX
Seavers, Riley201593%85%100%343791.9%XX
Thompson, Ross2014100%85%80%333789.2%XX
Johnson, Zakk201486%100%70%323786.5%XX
Hassinger, Austin201364%92%100%313783.8%XX
Walters, Troy201593%54%100%303781.1%XX
LarRowe, Mitch201579%62%100%303781.1%XX
Scrange, Ivan201364%85%80%303781.1%XX
Dingman, Logan201364%69%90%273773.0%
Rodman, Eli2013100%100%0%273773.0%X
Lynch, Stephen2014100%100%0%273773.0%X
Rodman, Linden2015100%100%0%273773.0%X
Bice, Colin                                       2015100%100%100%3737100%



700 LB. CLUB
Gabe Burton
Spencer Baker
Matt Clark
Evan Cochran
Alex Davis
Austin Hassinger

800 LB. CLUB
Rudy Jarrell


Top 'Big Three' 
(Bench, Squat, Hang Clean)
Rudy Jarrell  860 lbs.
Matt Clark 775  lbs.
Alex Davis  760 lbs.
Austin Hassinger  750 lbs.
Evan Cochran 700 lbs.
Spencer Baker  700 lbs.
Corey Smith 680 lbs.
Anthony Frederick  655 lbs.

Austin Hassinger 260 lbs.
Rudy Jarrell 255
Alex Davis 245
Spencer Baker 235
Matt Clark 230
Corey Smith 230
Anthony Frederick 215
Evan Cochran 200

Top Squat
Rudy Jarrell 405 lbs.
Ivan Scranage 345 lbs.
Austin Hassinger 315 lbs.
Alex Davis 315 lbs.
Matt Clark 315 lbs.
Evan Cochran 290 lbs.
Spencer Baker 275 lbs.
Corey Smith 275 lbs.
Ken Knick 275 lbs.

Top Hang Clean
Matt Clark 230 lbs.
Evan Cochran 210 lbs.
Rudy Jarrell 200 lbs.
Alex Davis 200 lbs.
Ivan Scranage 195 lbs.
Spencer Baker 190 lbs.

Top Shuttle Run
Austin Hassinger 4.53 sec.
Evan Cochran 4.56 sec.
Chad Ramus 4.57 sec.
Logan Williams 4.6 sec.
Corey Smith 4.69 sec.
Austin Jensen 4.69 sec.
Cody Bishop 4.7 sec.
Jordan Isaac 4.75 sec.

Top 40 yd Dash
Evan Cochran 4.75 sec.
Spencer Baker 4.87 sec.
Troy Walters 4.89 sec.
Denton Gamble 4.9 sec.
Rudy Jarrell 4.96 sec.
Corey Smith 4.97 sec.

Top Vertical Jump
Evan Cochran 25 inch.
Austin Hassinger 22 inch.
Austin Jensen 22 inch.
Corey Smith 21 inch.
Matt Clark 21 inch.
Jordan Isaac 21 inch.
Alex Davis 19 inch.
Zac Garcia 19 inch.

Top Dot Drill Test
Spencer Baker 49 sec.
Alex Davis 60 sec.
Ivan Scranage 64 sec.
Corey Smith 65 sec.
Logan Allen 65 sec.
Ken Knick 67 sec.
Mason Baker 69 sec.
Logan Dingman 69 sec.


Winter P.R.I.D.E. Competition

Baron Football P.R.I.D.E. Competition






Each individual will be placed on a team.  We will have 8 teams.  Athletes on each team will be divided equally by grade level.  Athletes will have the ability to earn points each month for the following items.  We will track this monthly and award points for each individual and these individual points will go towards their team.  The teams with the highest points each month will receive slips to put into a raffle box.  These slips are chances to win prizes.  Each month the 1stplace team members will receive 4 slips to put into the raffle box, the 2nd place team will receive 3 slips, 3rd place team will receive 2 slips, and the 4th place team will receive 1 slip per team member.

Winners will receive the chance to win prizes.  Possible prizes-food gift cards, Ipod, gas cards, movie passes, t-shirts and more.


School and Weight Room-1 pt for each day they could be in attendance


                Monthly grade checks-A=7pts, B=5pts, C=1pt, D=-5pts, F=-7pts

-Weight Room

                Max lifts will receive points for the % of increase from previous max









                Points will be awarded for making the core lifts club

100lbs=1pt, 200lbs=2pts, 300lbs=3pts, 400lbs=4pts, 500lbs=5pts, 600lbs=6pts, 700lbs=7pts, 800lbs=8pts, 900lbs=9pts, 1000lbs=10pts

-Character/Community/Team Activity

                25 pts for community service work or attending/participating in a team activity

                Points can also be taken away from athletes for poor behavior/character

-Other Sports

                All rules apply to these athletes

DeKalb Baron Football
2011-2012 PRIDE Competition
Team 7 927
Team 4 784
Team 3 744
Team 8 741
Team 5 704
Team 2 697
Team 6 598
Team 1 546