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The vision of this program is to make playing football for the DeKalb Barons one of the most incredible experiences of our committed players’ lives. To create this atmosphere for our student athletes, we will operate under the basis of five simple foundational ideals: Academics, Win, Family, Fun, and Impact Men.

Academics will be our number one program focus. Earning a diploma has an immediate impact for life long success. The number two goal is Win. Winning has been very much a part of DeKalb’s football history. With an incredible amount of work and effort, together we will achieve this goal. Baron Football will once again become a Family. Family doesn’t just include the Brotherhood of players and coaches, but parents, students, faculty, and members of the community.  It takes different people from diverse backgrounds becoming unified in the purpose. We must learn from each other and encourage one another to reach our goals. DeKalb Football is all about having Fun. We want to have fun with every aspect of this program.

It is important to create an environment that promotes the love for the game. This is why we play and coach, and it is very important to never lose sight of that fact. The final goal of this program is to positively impact players’ lives in such a powerful way that upon graduation, our players will become Impact Men in this world.  When it's over, each individual will walk away knowing they became the best football player they could be and they grew into a man who can and will continue to make an impact in this world.